Suunnitteilla / Plans

Stabijhoun suunnitteilla vuonna 2019 syksylle. Kultaisennoutajan pentuja ei ole suunnitteilla!

Stabijhoun puppies planned for autumn 2019. No plans for goldens now!








  • fina

    Sinisuven Filipa "Fina"

    Hips: B/B

    Elbows: 0/0

    Eyes: no evidence of inherited eye diseases (2/2018)

    Back: VA0 (normal), LTV1 (divided median crest (s1-s2) or other mildly abnormal structure)

    Vwd type 1: free

    CD: free

    Shows: LT CH HeJW-17 FIJW-17 HeW-18

    Temperament: active, loving, playful

  • chili

    Lenstra Abe Fân Fryske Komof "Chili"

    Hips: A/A

    Elbows: 0/0

    Eyes: Distichiasis

    Back: LTV0 (normal) VA0 (normal) SP0 (clear)

    Vwd type 1: carrier

    CD: free

    MH-Mental description: passed

    Shows: EE CH LT CH

    Temperament: patient, loving and easygoing

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